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NEW MUSIC: Freya Josephine Hollick – The Real World

photo by Kate Berry

In a world turned upside down by the pandemic, Freya Josephine Hollick releases her new single as she moves ever closer to releasing her new album, recorded over in the US with Lucinda Williams’ band Buick 6. ‘The Real World’, soaked in lush and cosmic pedal steel is a touching and emotive paean to the planet we live and rely on.

“Mass extinctions, soil erosion, melting ice caps, forests leveled, poisoned water, and increasingly extreme weather events. We are living in complete denial, of a truth that has been out there for longer than anyone is prepared to admit. The Real World is the only way I know to help. It was intended as a gentle reminder to heed the warnings. But I fear we are too late, and we must now prepare to adapt as we watch the world take back its health”. 


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