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NEW MUSIC: Stone Jack Jones – I’m Made

‘I’m Made’ is a brand new track from Stone Jack Jones and featuring the vocals of Adia Victoria. Dense, desolate, driving psych country folk and blues sounds are the order of the day here. It reminds me a lot of New Zealand band The Renderers who trade in a similar form of gothic psych country.

Stretching gloriously over nine minutes, the song rides a chugging Velvets rhythm section while Jones and Victoria weave mantra-like vocal lines amid intermittent squalls of distorted guitar that sound dark clouds opening up from the heavens above before a harmonica adds a sense of optimistic possibilities. They describe the song as “lyrically touching on our collective shared paranoia, the anxiety of the unknown future and a dash of longing romanticism.”

Jones has an interesting back story – a travelling musician with no particular place to go, he spent time in Ft. Worth, Baltimore, New York City, and Atlanta before settling in Nashville sometime in the early 90s to take a job with a railroad and raise a family. He kept making music, too, and formed a tight bond with a core group of fellow Music City outsiders, including Lambchop mastermind Kurt Wagner, singer-songwriter Patty Griffin, and, crucially, producer-engineer Roger Moutenot (Lou Reed, Yo La Tengo, Sleater-Kinney, Bob Dylan).


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