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NEW MUSIC: The Roseline – Seven Hundred Second Chances

‘Seven Hundred Second Chances’ is the brand new single from Lawrence, Kansas Americana band The Roseline. It comes form their forthcoming new LP and follows the release of their 2020 album Good/Grief which we’ve previously written about. Here they get even more widescreen with a Ryan Adams melodicism and sway in the verses before electric guitar whips up a ragged dust storm for the final minute. Wonderful stuff.

“This song came together relatively quickly when I brought the acoustic skeleton to the band. It has a comfortable groove and familiarity to it, but we tried to make it all our own with little sonic touches like the sustaining fuzz note and the chimey, vintage vibe of the bridge. Lyrically, I’m exploring the corruptibility of humans and examining my own privilege, but also aspiring to the greatness of teachers,” explains founder and songwriter Colin Halliburton.


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