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NEW MUSIC: Toler Gibson – Dead End Lady

Some songs just roll along with a near perfect vibe and melodic flow and we recently came across the gem from the group Toler Gibson. They describe themselves as a “group of mountain dwellers living high above the clouds in California.”

Their back story is that it all started when Gibson, a Canadian born, Texas raised Angeleno moved from LA to the mountains of Idyllwild and met Toler, a Seattle born and raised Angeleno who had moved to Idyllwild from LA, three years prior. The two bonded on their love of country, folk, & psychedelic music and immediately started pickin’ and singin’ their favourite classics in one cabin or another before expanding it out into a full band.

‘Dead End Lady’ has that glorious cosmic Americana sound that we love so much, where the song has one foot in the dust and soil and the other heading skyward on its weeping pedal steel, weary melodies and that great chord change in the chorus. File next to Flying Burrito Brothers, America and a dreamier version of The Band.

The song comes from their new 2021 album The Days Before, out now.


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