NEW MUSIC: Jeremy Pinnell – Wanna Do Something [VIDEO]

Photo by Melissa Field

Jeremy Pinnell returns with his new single ‘Wanna Do Something’, that showcases his richly detailed country voice and his way with a killer melody. Over a sparse, soulful and solid backing he sings of the the struggle to change one’s circumstances.

This is the first taste of his forthcoming new LP Goodbye L.A. out on October 1st via Sofaburn. Compared to his 2017 album, Ties of Blood and Affection, the new Jonathan Tyler-produced record is described as:

“Rooted in his steady acoustic guitar, Pinnell’s songs are shot through with honest and classic elements.The rhythm section, all snap and shuffle, finds purpose in well-worn paths.The pedal steel and Telecaster stingers arrive perfectly on cue, winking at JP’s world-wise couplets .Here slippery organ insinuates gospel into the conversation. You can feel the room breathe and get a sense of these musicians eyeballing each other as their performances are committed to tape. And through it all comes this oaken identity, thedevastating centerpiece of his work. Honest and careworn, Jeremy’s voice can touch on wry, jubilant, and debauched-all in a single line. At his best, Jeremy Pinnell chronicles the joy and sorrow of being human, which is the best that anyone could do.”


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