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NEW MUSIC: Henry Parker – The Brisk Lad

I was enthralled by the sound of this track from Englishman Henry Parker when I first heard it. It dials deep into the British folk tradition but manages to harness the poetry and drama of the traditional as well as setting flight into exploratory electric psychedelic folk, as it does to great effect towards the end of the song. Parker’s progressive folk sound also aligns him with other contemporary artists such as Ryley Walker and Steve Gunn.

The song ‘The Brisk’ Lad’ comes from his album Lammas Fair, released last month and available on vinyl, CD and digital via Bandcamp and streaming services.

The West Yorkshire songwriter describes the album as “an album of transformation, movement and fluidity. One that encompasses landscapes, nature and wilderness and intertwines them with stories and characters that brings those places bursting to life.”


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