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NEW MUSIC: Space Dudes – Behind Your Tears

Australian expat, Tom Dockray, now based in Denmark, has joined musical forces with Rick Hauchman (North Carolina – vocals, mandolin, guitar) and friends (Lars Heiberg Andersen (drums, production), Mads Løvenholdt (bass), Thyge Van Dassen (violin) and Lars Emil Riis (piano)) to create Space Dudes. From the description it’s a fairly loose-knit approach where genre is out the window and the songs and personalities of the players lead the way through folk, jazz, psych and much more.

On this first single, ‘Behind Your Tears‘, Dockray’s exceptional and expressive, bluesy voice is the focus before the song blossoms into a Van Morrison-esque vista of intertwined instruments and a beautifully lyric central guitar line. Sonically the song hangs beautifully in the air, treading lightly as it dances along, telling a tale about learning to trust the heady feelings one experiences during the early stages of a relationship.

Expect a full album in 2022!


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