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ALBUM REVIEW: Alex Hamilton – Sweetest Wine




Alex Hamilton knows his way around high and lonesome folk-rock and on his debut solo album he reaches some wonderful high points that recall the keening, pastoral sound of Dylan, The Band and Neil Young.

Hamilton used to be the songwriter and singer for Melbourne band Merri Creek Pickers as well as playing guitar for Courtney Barnett around the time of her first album, before shifting his focus to his solo material and this recording collaboration with producer/musician Jesse Williams. 

You can hear the acoustic folk roots of Hamilton’s songwriting but by framing his songs in the accoutrements of electric country and rock ’n’ roll he takes the music into a more cosmic realm. ‘Sunk’ is a swirling slice of melodic psych folk while ‘Time’ finds a nice through-line to The Beatles. ‘Depression’ is a real highlight and the best showcase of his voice as he lets his vowels rise and fall like ocean swells. At times Hamilton’s voice does spend too much time in the same register but for the most part it works with real weight and emotional connectivity across this impressive solo debut.

Chris Familton

Sweetest Wine is out now via Love Police Records + Tapes.


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