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Melbourne-based songwriter Joyce Prescher has released her new single ‘Sleep Now‘ and it’s quite the transportive and immersive listen. A cello casts a haunting pallor across the track, decorated with gentle filaments of acoustic guitar notes, the sound of brushes on a snare and Prescher’s voice – poised and precisely phrased in its melancholic folk form.

Amid the beautiful drift and somnambulant sway of the music Prescher explores the question ‘How much of yourself should you lose for someone else?’ as she sings:

Sleep now
For the day will come
Where the

hours aren’t numbered
By what I’ve become
A stranger in my body
And my fingers numb
Oh how I long to be remembered
By at least someone

Originally from the Netherlands, Joyce Prescher released her debut album Home in 2017, which was praised by PBS and listed in their top 10 albums upon release. She has finished recording her sophomore album, which is to be released in the second half of 2022.


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