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ALBUM REVIEW: Andy Golledge – Strength Of A Queen




If you’re looking for an early contender for Australian Americana album of the year then you’re reading the right review. Andy Golledge has been a mainstay of the local scene in Sydney for at least half a dozen years now. He’s a lynchpin of sorts with his celebratory live shows and a key participant in the Inner West country scene. Finally we get to hear the fruits of his labour with the sublime debut album Strength of a Queen.

Golledge comes from a place of classic songwriting, creative personality, pure melodies and rousing shakedowns that reside at the nexus of country and rock music. Think Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, and when he really takes flight vocally, a hint of the magic of Jeff Buckley. There’s energy and life-affirming rock ’n’ roll in songs such as ‘New Stamp’ and ‘Rescue Me’ yet he balances the rambunctious qualities of those songs with heartfelt introspection on ‘Babe I Think You Think Too Much’ and the gorgeous ‘Carry On’. 

The two real gems in this consistently top-shelf set are ‘Heavy Hand’ and ‘Baby Mumma’ – classic, timeless songwriting of the highest order that confirm Golledge as one of this country’s finest emerging songwriters and singers.



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