Folk / Folk Rock / New Music / Psychedelic / Stream


Hailing from Liverpool England, the folk trio The Hermit reimagine traditional Irish tunes and Old English ballads alongside their own compositions with a thread of improvisation running through the music.

Across six minutes on ‘Sarah wears her painted hair’, Charlie, Lynny and Michael take a languid and exploratory journey through hypnotic and lightly psychedelic folk. Notes hang in the air and drift through the aether while temporal drumming adds texture rather than propulsion to the music. There’s a distinctive English folk style to the songs but listen closely and it’s not a stretch to recognise jazz, post-rock, North African desert flavours and the sound of American players such as Jake Xerxes Fussell dancing around the edges of their work.

‘Sarah wears her painted hair’ was recorded using a Tascam 4 track and appears on The Hermit’s recently released debut EP, Tapes.

The Hermit: 
Charlie Mckeon – guitar, fiddle, vocals 
Lynny – bass, banjo, mandolin, vocals 
Michael Paul Metcalfe – drums, percussion, accordion

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