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As we hurtle towards the start of spring in this part of the world it’s always nice synchronicity when a song comes along that feels like the aural and sonic equivalent of that sense of warmer days, a skip in the step and new growth.

Brisbane-Meanjin indie-folk quintet Full Power Happy Hour have a brand new album called Bit Of Brightness, their second, coming out on November 4th and today they release the new single ‘Measurements‘. Beneath the upbeat, breezy country feel there are some questions, ideas and thoughts about they way we’re judged and indeed how we are all measured in this world in which we’re formed and exist.

“Measurements’ is about how other people, society and ourselves, determine our worth as human beings,” frontperson Alex Campbell explains. “We all grow up to believe that we have to act a certain way, or achieve certain things to be considered a worthwhile human. This song’s talking about that, and for some reason it just all came out wrapped up in a nice little country jig!”

Guitar melodies dance and jangle, weaving in and out of each other’s path while the drums amble along some imagined train tracks. You can hear strains of Pavement interspersed with a cosmic country choogle. It’s an effortless and irresistibly infectious sound with Campbell’s voice leading the gentle charge.

‘Measurements’ is out now on streaming platforms and Bandcamp via Coolin’ By Sounds.

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