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Melbourne singer-songwriter Watty Thompson has today released single number three from his forthcoming debut solo album on Cheatin’ Hearts Records.

City To Run‘ is an epic six minutes of folk spirited country music that runs the gamut of rollicking and rousing sing-along to ruminative musings on the challenges and hardships of city living and the alternatives of leaving for the country – clean air and a clear head.

We could find a little block that looks the same as the lot and be boxed in without a view.
We could live out our days in a suburban maze but the thought’s enough to make me spew.
Ah, take me back home where the wombats roam and the owls stay up hunting all night.
I’d rather lose sleep from a hoot and a peep than the neighbours having a fight.
I got an itchin’ to run…

The video is an epic one shot take of Watty telling his tale as he walks through the landscape and various vignettes in the sunset of the Victorian countryside. It’s brilliantly created and filmed by The Two Cooks… director Anthony Ross and cinematographer/editor Max Rawicz.

You catch Watty and his Total Fire Band (great name!) playing Dashville Skyline in the Hunter Valley on the October Long Weekend.


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