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Minor Gold might be a new name but dig a little deeper and you’ll no doubt recognise the key architects of this new collaborative duo – Tracy McNeil and Dan Parsons, both wonderful and successful songwriters, singers and musicians in their own right.

The warm folk sound of their debut single ‘Mona Lisa‘ is the perfect calling card for the pair’s intertwined vocal harmonies and the gentle, lilting interplay between their acoustic guitars. Partners in life and music, there’s an undeniable creative chemistry at play, both personal and universal, heady and heartfelt, that shines through on this first taste of their forthcoming album.

Filmed inside a remarkable house on the fringes of rural Brisbane, McNeil & Parsons drift through rooms and hallways like ships in the night in the video clip, occupying the same spaces but never at the same time.  Directed and filmed by cinematographer Camden O’Shane, he uses domestic monotony to represent the numbness and futility of a fractured relationship, tweaking it into a colourful, funhouse charade.


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