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VIDEO PREMIERE: Sunset Stranger releases new pop-streaked cosmic country song/video

Melbourne songwriter Sunset Stranger (Stephen E. Stanisic) has released the results of his latest trip to Rolling Stock Recording Rooms, under the guidance of producer Myles Mumford.

Prometheus Blues‘, out today via Bandcamp and streaming services, is an upbeat slice of kaleidoscopic folk, country and blues that dances lightly from the speakers. Guitars and dobro nimbly spiral, tumble and intertwine over decidedly sun kissed and infectious vocals. It’s akin to The Grateful Dead/The Band filtered through psychedelia and power pop. Wonderful and super catchy, a thrilling sound all round!

I’m super happy to premiere the video clip today, a suitably pop-art leaning stop-motion collage of images that match the sound and spirit of the single perfectly and which retells the Prometheus myth in a modern context.

Since the release of the 2020 album Your Home Town, which made my list of favourite albums of that year, Stanisic has also recorded Balmer Street Blues (2021), an EP of instrumental folk guitar influenced by finger-style guitarists like John Fahey, Michael Chapman and Bert Jansch.

Sunset Stranger’s newest LP is set to be released in 2023 and marks another evolution in his sound, as the band explores the outer edges of progressive country music with haunting lap steel and lush harmonies.

Sunset Stranger is currently touring in support of ‘Prometheus Blues’, with regional dates in 2022, a show at Hobart’s MONA on January 22nd and more dates to follow in 2023.


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