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A new name for us descended in a cloud of hazy smoke into our inbox this morning. Hailing from East LA, this gang of stoner country reprobates take the slow and easy backstreets and tumbleweed desert trails with their appropriately red-eyed take on Neil Young’s classic ‘Roll Another Number (Roll The Road)‘.

Check out their full album on Bandcamp, officially released on April 20th this week.

Press Release: Direct from Smog City, USA, the Tampico Bombers are coming in low and loaded with their debut record, Too Wasted To Write Their Own, a rollicking assemblage of primo country classics reimagined through an ever hazier perspective. Borrowing ordinance from such mythical desperados as Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Townes Van Zandt, Wille Nelson, Neil Young and The Flying Burrito Brothers, the Tampico Bombers embrace these storied tunes with their own brand of heavy mello, coming together like a clean spun burner of fresh-cut grass and some high-proof cactus juice in a frosty glass.

The Bombers themselves are a loose collective of east LA cruisers, boozers and good-timing folk, each well seasoned by the sun-burnt skies of past sorties flown nationwide. Marginally fronted by zigzag wanderer, August “West” Alvarado, the main brigade formed amidst the vacant in-between times in the line-ups along the central coast and, while the sand-bottomed diesel turned to full-fledged stoner-country, it was soon abundantly clear to those in the know – the Bombers play both kinds.


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