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POST TO WIRE PRESENTS: Eighteen Strings: An Afternoon of Americana

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Saturday June 7th, Petersham Bowling Club, 2-5pm $10

After the success of the last gig we put our name to at the Petersham Bowling Club (The Weeping Willows) we decided the gentlemen needed a look-in next. Accordingly we are proud to present three of our favourite NSW songwriters live in concert for an afternoon of alt-country, blues, folk and possibly a dash of calypso.

The PBC is now an award winning and vibrant pokie free club that is dynamic and creative. It provides the diverse community with a multi-purpose facility offering sports, the arts, fun, music, food and a large selection of craft beers on tap whilst protecting the use of the open space for the next 110 years.

Mark Moldre

Mark has released two critically lauded solo albums (The Waiting Room, An Ear To The Earth), played in a number of bands and is a songwriter who is able to weave any number of musical styles including jazz, blues, folk, calypso and country into his work with cohesive and immensely rewarding results. With a voice brimming with character and the ability to imbue his songs with vivid characters and poetic lyricism, Mark will present a selection of songs from his last two records.

James Thomson

James released his debut, self-titled album on Laughing Outlaw Records in 2012 and from the first track you know you’re in for something really special. That voice and the way he winds it around his guitar, spinning stories in the American music tradition of alt-country and the blues yet set geographically and spiritually in the Australian idiom. An hour-long debut was a bold move yet he nailed it and anyone who has seen him live can vouch for the special songwriting and performing talent Thomson possesses. With a new album almost complete this will be a chance to hear where James is musically heading next.

Darren Cross

From the heady days of chaotic 90s indie/pop with Gerling to the excellent duo Jep & Dep (debut album out soon!) and everything in between Darren Cross has always come across as the real deal. As a songwriter he is now writing and recording under his own name and trading in authentic, alt-country that draws from the masters like Townes van Zandt and Steve Earle. Honesty, stark and raw emotiveness and an innate sense of melody are some of the ingredients that populate the songs on his EP Freak Out Inn III and his new single ‘Slings and Arrows’ which will be released the same week he appears at Eighteen Strings: An Afternoon of Americana.




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