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ALBUM REVIEW: Green Mohair Suits ~ Wooden Duck

ptw scorebw7green-mohair-suits-wooden-duck-0914Green Mohair Suits, who always put on a great live show – from lounges to festival stages – can now add a strong debut album to their CV. Their strength lies in their uber-tight harmonies that blend in virtuosic layers, equal parts Fleet Foxes and CSN. Like local alumni Little Bastard they’ve captured the vibe and mood of their live performances while granting their songs their moment in the studio spotlight. ‘Waiting’, ‘Baby, You Just Want To Give Up’ and ‘With You I Feel Like I Have Nothing To Hide’ are just some of the highlights of this rewarding blend of bluegrass and both modern and traditional folk music.

Chris Familton

this review was first published in The Music (Sept ’14)



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