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ALBUM REVIEW: Caitlin Harnett ~ The River Runs North

ptw scorebw7caitlin_harnett_the_river_runs_north_1014On her long-awaited debut album Caitlin Harnett finds a lush and harmonious middle ground between folk and country music. There’s a lightness to her music and voice in the vein of the carefree sound that came out of Laurel Canyon in the 1970s, with Joni Mitchell an obvious touchstone. Strings, harmonica, organ and horns enhance the songs without overshadowing the sensitivity of Harnett’s writing as she sings of negotiating the joys and pitfalls of love and desire. Even through its melancholic moments there’s a youthful optimism on this accomplished first album that warms the soul and lifts the spirit.

Chris Familton

this review was first published in The Music



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