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PTW Favourite AU & NZ Releases of 2014


The last 12 months have been a bountiful period for Americana releases in Australia and New Zealand. From debut albums to notable EPs, collaborations to albums recorded on the other side of the world, there was something for everyone and most importantly it showed our local scenes are going from strength to strength. The music is world class and garnering an ever-growing audience. All 25 of these albums come highly recommended so do yourself a favour and search them out online, in record stores or across the merch desk at their next show.

  1. Tiny Ruins – Brightly Painted One
  2. Little Bastard – Little Bastard
  3. Bernie Griffen & The Thin Men – Salvation
  4. Tami Neilson – Dynamite!
  5. Aldous Harding – Aldous Harding
  6. Jep and Dep – Word Got Out
  7. Delaney Davidson & Marlon Williams – Sad But True Volume 3: Juke Box B-Sides
  8. Emma Swift – Emma Swift
  9. Darren Cross – No Damage EP
  10. Halfway – Any Old Love
  11. Eaten By Dogs – Eaten By Dogs
  12. C.W. Stoneking – Gon’ Boogaloo
  13. Jo Meares – King of the Crystal Mountain
  14. The Yearlings – All The Wandering
  15. Tracy McNeil – Nobody Ever Leaves
  16. Will Wood – Broken Man
  17. Mia Dyson – Idyllwild
  18. The Painted Ladies – Play Selections From The Loner
  19. Mark Lucas & The Dead Setters – Sin City Blues EP
  20. Kris Morris – Ruins
  21. De’May – If We Don’t Leave
  22. Caitlin Harnett – The River Runs North
  23. Dusty Ravens – Stories of Love and Death
  24. Gretta Ziller – Hell’s Half Acre EP
  25. Les Thomas – Survivor’s Tale

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