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ALBUM REVIEW: Lindi Ortega ~ Faded Gloryville

ptw scorebw8Lindi-Ortega-Faded-GloryvilleLindi Ortega won plenty of new fans when she visited Australia for the Out On The Weekend festival last year and now she’s set to build on that with an impressive new album. She wraps up country and soul music in warm and familiar fashion, relying equally on the sultry and surly qualities of her singing. Hers rings true like a classic country voice but in the modern Americana world of roots music cross-pollination she also draws on soul music, even covering the Bee Gees’ classic ‘To Love Somebody’. A timeless sound with songs to match, Ortega’s superb fourth album is her finest to date.

Chris Familton

3 thoughts on “ALBUM REVIEW: Lindi Ortega ~ Faded Gloryville

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