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ALBUM REVIEW: Jemma & The Clifton Hillbillies – self-titled

ptw scorebw7jemma_and_the_clifton_hillbillies_jemma_and_the_clifton_hillbillies_0915Their name may be a bit misleading as this is more of a breezy country sound than hillbilly music of the traditional kind but Jemma Rowlands and her Clifton Hillbillies still execute their take on country music with catchy melodic verve. Pedal steel, banjo and fiddle decorate these bittersweet songs that walk the on the soulful, melancholic side of the tracks. Late night listening in a small bar would seem the prime location to experience this music and they’ve successfully captured that light on the ears/heavy on the heart vibe on their debut album.

 Chris Familton

tie off

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