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NEW MUSIC: Darren Cross ~ Just Got Along (La La Le)

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Darren Cross has released a new clip for his new song ‘Just Got Along (La La Le)’ which was filmed earlier this year in Paris. Here’s Cross talking about the clip and it’s connection to the recent terror attacks in that city:

We filmed this for my song Just Got Along (la la le) in May this year at the Place de la Republique, in Paris.

No big deal at the time- a beautiful flowing and perfectly timed one shot clip – filmed while we were over in Paris to play some shows for friends (also with Jep and Dep). We had a great time.We love Paris and made some wonderful new friends.

I am not trying trivialise these terrible events that have just unfolded in Paris but releasing this video now- with a strangle twist of coincidence- watching it today , the message of peace seem positively weighted, relevant and needed RIGHT NOW.

We were staying right near the Le Carillon – 2 minutes walk away- it was our local for the few weeks we lived in Paris- so the timing of all this seems indescribable and shocking. I had this clip completed 2 months ago but didn’t really know what to do with the clip , until now. Sometimes music and timing transcend understanding.
This is a song of peace for the people.
So Strength, compassion and empathy to all my friends and the people in Paris and everywhere. Times are getting strange. x




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