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REISSUE NEWS: Blaze Foley – Duct Tape Messiah


This Record Store Day eliterecords releases Duct Tape Messiah by exceptional Texan Folk artist Blaze Foley for the first time ever on vinyl. The soundtrack to the 2011 documentary film about the turbulent life of Townes Van Zandts companion and close friend literally spans Blaze’s whole musical life. It includes rare archival tracks never released on vinyl before as well as tracks from posthumously released Blaze albums. The limited RSD-edition comes with a DVD including the full documentary film.

The film beautifully draws the picture of Blaze!s life and times and his extraordinary character. Born in Arkansas, Foley was shot to death way before his time, under circumstances still to be fully clarified. As a homeless, he traveled the streets of the Texan cities to share his music with people in nightclubs and bars. Foley always stood up for the weak, which eventually cost his life. Finally, after a life of rejections and blown opportunities, his work is now gaining recognition. In 2008 his biography Living In The Woods In A Tree was published, followed by the acclaimed documentary about Foley!s underdog life: Duct Tape Messiah.

The film’s soundtrack comprises of 14 carefully selected songs from all stations in Blaze’s life and gives an insight into his straight and genuine songwriting. Blaze!s musical heritage was close to being forgotten and much material used on the record are chance discoveries from record shops and old master tapes. Hits like If I Could Only Fly and Let Me Ride In Your Big Cadillac showcase Foley’s sound between classic American Country and modern Folk along with his cunning political lyrics and a both punchy and emotional tone. Today, Foley is admired not only by leading American Folk musicians like Nelson, Haggard or Prine, but also by independent artists like Kings Of Leon-singer Caleb Followill. The latter, in an interview with the L.A. Times in 2010, stated that Blaze Foley’s songs currently were his most important musical inspiration.

He’s only gone crazy once. Decided to stay. […] I am proud to call Blaze my friend.” Townes Van Zandt

“The song I wish I!d written: “Clay Pigeons! by Blaze Foley. It paints such a picture that when you listen to it, you hope that!s you he!s singing about.” – Caleb Followill, Kings Of Leon

“Blaze Foley was a genius and a beautiful loser.” – Lucinda Williams

  • Record Store Day 2016 Exclusive LP
  • First time available on vinyl
  • Limited to 1000 copies pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl
  • Includes full documentary film on DVD


  1. Sittin’ By The Road
  2. Livin’ In The Woods In A Tree
  3. Moonlight
  4. You’ll Get Yours Aplenty
  5. Cosmic Doo Doo
  6. In The Misty Garden/Should’ve Been Home With You
  7. My Reasons Why
  8. If I Could Only Fly
  9. Goin’ Away
  10. No Goodwill Stores In Waikiki
  11. Down Here Where I Am
  12. Big Cheeseburgers And Good French Fries
  13. The Unclouded Day



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