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NEWS: Lucero Announce New Album and Share Two Songs


Lucero are back with a new album scheduled for release on August 3rd via Liberty & Lament/Thirty Tigers. Among The Ghosts will be their ninth LP and marks their 20th anniversary as a band. It sounds like they’ve gone for a tantalising blend of the big, live and loose sound based on ‘For The Lonely Ones’ and that ragged, rolling heartache on ‘To My Dearest Wife’.

“A haunting, a drowning, a reckoning with the devil, a divorce and a shootout. And that’s just side A. Then you’ve got an impending battle, a crime, true love, Michael Shannon and an endless night and a little rock&roll for the lonely ones on side B…. But you could also say there’s a rescue, a getaway, a survival story, and a fuck you to the devil himself. It’s all perspective. It’s Cinematic… but it’s a movie I haven’t seen.”
– Ben Nichols

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