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NEW MUSIC: Kora Feder – Dance With Me


This is just the kind of folk voice we fall for. The mix of ache and vulnerability, offset with a spirit and strength. There’s a wonderful lilting melody line that threads through ‘Dance With Me’, taken from Kora Feder‘s new album In Sevens which was released last week. There’s a sweetness to the song, as it reflects on love and hopeless romanticism, that positions it between melancholic folk and a more outward-facing optimism that should appeal to a wide range of listeners.

Feder is currently based in Brooklyn, NY but she grew up in the Northern California music scene playing clawhammer banjo and mandolin with parents Rita Hosking and Sean Feder. She holds a degree in Global Studies with a focus on songwriting as empowerment in indigenous and migrant communities. She spent two years wielding a backpack and guitar in places like China, India, Thailand and Italy before graduating and  recording her 2017 EP Marigolds.

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