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NEW MUSIC: Oliver Ray – Ol’ Coyote


Oliver Ray has a brand new album out now called Out Passed Nowhere. It’s his debut record and features Howe Gelb, musicians from Sugar Candy Mountain, The Myrrors, Xixa, and China, as well as a very special appearance by the poet laureate of punk, Patti Smith, who Ray has worked with as her longtime guitarist.

‘Ol’ Coyote’ is a heat-haze, desert-shimmer of a song. Hypnotic and languid, it washes across the speakers, an aural vision of slow-motion psychedelia. Across the rest of the album you can hear similarities with contemporaries such as Kevin Morby and Cass McCombs while elsewhere the spirit and sound of Brian Eno, Dylan and Mark Hollis of Talk Talk permeate the music.

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