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NEW MUSIC: Anna Smyrk – Alight


Anna Smyrk shot the video clip for new single ‘Alight’ in an abandoned mansion over in Tagaytay, Philippines and the setting is a wonderful match for her music which resides in lush surrounds where historical folk music tropes filter through traditional instrumentation yet the song still sounds contemporary with her weightless vocal and some sublime harmonies.

The song was written during the two & half years Anna lived in the Solomon Islands.

“There was so much going on in world politics making me miserable, and in the Solomon Islands I was seeing first-hand what it looks like as the world starts to go underwater” Anna explains.

It was a book that turned Anna’s mind around: Hope in the Dark by US activist Rebecca Solnit.

“I wanted to write a song that conveyed the feeling this book gave me” says Anna. “It talks about how hope can be an axe we can use to break down doors. Hopeful actions can seem meaningless against all the darkness and uncertainty, but the book shows how, historically, those small acts have added up to huge changes.”

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