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NEW MUSIC: Daniel Young – Pretty Soon Ain’t Enough (To Get You Off My Mind)


Three minutes into this new song from Daniel Young you think things are winding down, after a wonderful traditional country song built around that great title and chorus. But that’s just where things really begin to take shape, or gloriously lose shape, depending how you view it. The music builds and expands into a beautiful winding cosmic country exploration that brings to mind desert stars and wide open spaces. Grateful Dead and Gram Parsons, a psychedelic stretch to the horizon.

‘Pretty Soon Ain’t Enough (To Get You Off My Mind)’ comes from Young’s new album Television Static, due out in the coming months. Young is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer, sound engineer, and producer from Salt Lake City who has been involved in music for most of his life and recorded the new album live over two days at his own studio. We’ll let you know when this one is out!

tie off

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