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NEW MUSIC: River Tramps – Mare And The Maiden


River Tramps are a Floridian and Texan duo based in Nashville who have recently released their debut single ‘Mare And The Maiden’. Adam Cohen and Nikole Martine have a fine way with country folk phrasing, both old-timey in its western feel but also contemporary in the production sheen. The allowance of space in the song and their raw, harmonious voices make for a fine debut single from the pair.

The duo explain that the single was first inspired by the famous Andy Warhol print of John Wayne:

“”Yellow bandana that just sit’s around his neck I bet he’s watching me under that spell; he’s heaven on the eyes but his heart will give you hell.” The rest of the story has a back and forth narrative between a female and male character battling the bitter end, and reconciliation of a relationship. The chorus acts as a double entendre, representing both what he and she are after.”

tie off


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