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NEW MUSIC: Ride Til Dawn – (Ooh Baby) When I Can See Past The Shadows


Everything about this song we love. The way Ride Til Dawn‘s singer Mitch Grier sings the first line and leaves it hanging that bit longer until the next lines adds further details and context. There’s the chorus that swells skyward with a sweet ache and yearning. The song remind us a bit of the music of local songwriter James Thomson (with a dash of Kurt Vile)  in the way it melds country and a laidback soul/rock sound. It certainly has that feeling when the sun is low in the sky, from the back porch or behind the steering wheel. Join for the feel but stick around for the crowning glory of the gloriously underused (a tease!) saxophone. Really great stuff!

Ride Til Dawn are a Canadian band and this single comes from they new LP The Glass Mirage, out now.

tie off


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