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NEW MUSIC: Tiny Bill Cody – Chicken


Tiny Bill Cody (Canadian artist Tor Lukasik-Foss) gets down to the blues basics of a great groove and some fine guitar playing. Over the top he’s draped a tale of all things chicken from a cosmic perspective. It reminds us of what an acoustic desert rock song might sound like – from a band like Masters Of Reality. He never lets go of the simple primitive handclap rhythm and it works wonderfully.

When you adjust your guitar to a drop D tuning you suddenly put yourself in this expansive, maybe more self-important terrain. It’s really hard not to write something that tries to talk to God or explain the quantum realm, or indulge in cinematic existentialism. So in order not to lose my mind it was nice to think about chickens, chickens going on spirit quests, chickens trying to improve their circumstances… It kind of cut the pretense a little for me.”

‘Chicken’ comes from his new EP The Devil Will Give You Candy, out now and streaming.


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