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VIDEO PREMIERE: The April Family – Fortune Teller

Sydney alt-country trio The April Family released their second album House Of Cards last year but they’ve already pooled their creative talents and written, recorded and filmed a clip for their brand new single Fortune Teller (Social Family Records), the first single from their third album, due out early in 2021.

The song hits a wonderful quiet/loud dynamic with it’s moody, tension-building verses establishing a swirling, haunting atmosphere before singer Kylie Whitney soars into a damn catchy, reach-for-the-sky kind of chorus, swept along but the guitars of producer/multi-instrumentalist Michael Carpenter and Casey Atkins which combine in a searing blend of heavy-strummed country and twang-tinged hard rock.

Following on from the #1 Aria Country Album success of the House Of Cards album, the line was drawn in the sand and the desire to push the confidence the ensemble earned through the touring for that album into the next phase into reality. Whitney says “after establishing our identity a little more with House Of Cards, we felt it was important to not stay in the same place. So our whole approach this time has been about pushing what we can do. We’re loving where this creativity is taking us.”

The bold visual aesthetic of the video clip was created with the band members mostly filmed in isolation and footage Whitney had captured on a recent trip to her old home town juxtaposed over the top. Carpenter says “this track has a lot of sonic scope, but we wanted the video to focus mostly on Kylie’s performance, with fast editing and transitions to highlight the mood and rhythm of the track.” Whitney adds “after what has felt like a long time away, it was important that the video reminded people of who we are, whilst still attaching a ‘feeling’ to the mood of the video.”


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