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NEW MUSIC: Rachel Angel – Strapped

photo by Olivia Speier

There’s a woodsy, hypnotic quality to this new track from New York songwriter Rachel Angel.

‘Strapped’ quickly finds its pulse and the equivalent of circular breathing in the cyclical guitar. It’s wonderfully mesmerising as her ethereal voice intones and drifts across the speakers. It’s a bucolic Mazzy Star folk vibe that sparkles and floats along, carrying the listener on a dreamy chemtrail courtesy of some heavenly pedal steel.

In her latest EP Highway Songs, the country-folk troubadour takes the listener on a wild journey— physical, emotional, spiritual, and everywhere in between. These songs were written in the midst of a harrowing time for Angel— she was physically sick with an auto-immune disease, self-quarantined in her Brooklyn apartment, writing at a feverish pace. She reflected on her recent travels, both as a touring musician, and time spent in Mexico during a 7.1 earthquake with her family.

Head over to her Bandcamp page and you can also hear the title track to the EP.

Highway Songs is released on August 21st, 2020


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