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NEW MUSIC: Echo Bloom – Three Little Birds

New York quartet Echo Bloom recently released ‘Three Little Birds‘, the opening track from their forthcoming new album Wake. The song caught our ear immediately with its Iron & Wine and Calexico sound that incorporates a wonderful junk shop percussive quality that Tom Waits would be proud of. There’s also a wonderful emotive wail courtesy of Aviva Jaye – caught somewhere between agony and ecstasy.

On Wake, songwriter Kyle Evans weaves tales of the onset and aftermath of environmental apocalypse, of disillusionment with the American Dream, of ghosts from a far away past, again and again exploring what it means to be a stranger in your own home, your own neighborhood, your own life. Three Little Birds finds him illustrating the aftermath of destruction with stark imagery: “No more bark on the suicide trees / Just gold and pearls / Dinosaur bones / Colors all washed to monochrome.”


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