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NEW SINGLES: Matt Ward, The Weeping Willows, Melody Moko

Adelaide country songwriter Matt Ward recently released a new single – ‘Tattoos, Trucks and Country Music’. It’s got a big, rich full-band sound with a streak of soul running through it. There’s a hint of ZZ Top in there too, along with the kind of strong and bluesy, country-rock production of contemporaries like Paul Cauthen.

The Weeping Willows have released a brand new single today. ‘Wheels Won’t Roll’ is a sweet, warm acoustic song that spotlights the duo’s impeccable harmonies. The tone, the phrasing the intimacy of Laura Coates and Andrew Wrigglesworth’s melodic interplay is world class – as it always is. Delightful stuff!

Melody Moko is another highly respected artist on the Australian scene, much like those musicians listed above. She has a new album coming and the latest single from it is ‘Benjamin’, a tribute to an ex that hangs its heart on her wonderful voice and the violin of the one and only Fats Kaplin.


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