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NEW MUSIC: David Garnham & The Reasons To Live – Red Wine, Cigarettes, Dark Chocolate, You

Here’s a beautiful new track from Darwin songwriter David Garnham. It’s an old-timey sway of a song that drifts along like a warm summer breeze. That lilting country melody and a chorus that paints a wonderful picture of life’s essentials. Garnham describes it as Jimmie Rodgers meets Jimmy Little.

The song is the first taste of a new album, Noise to Fill the Void, produced by Shane Nicholson.

“It’s a song I never would have imagined being a single, but the reaction from playing this song live made it’s case. It’s a song about having love, not much else, and that’s ok. I still talk about my footballing exploits from when I was a teenager, and these days the closest I get to a ‘rockstar’ lifestyle is a dart and a glass of red.”


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