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VIDEO PREMIERE: Honeymoon Bridge – Sweet and Strange

Today we’re please to be able to premiere the new video clip from Melbourne group Honeymoon Bridge. ‘Sweet and Strange’ comes from their new cassette/digital album Volume V, released today via Bandcamp. Don’t forget that from 5pm today, Bandcamp waives their fees for 24 hours so all your money goes to the artist!

The harmonies on ‘Sweet and Strange’ are quite exquisite. Warm and enveloping, yet still retaining a slightly bewitching and otherworldly sound. Think contemporary artists like Tiny Ruins, Nadia Reid, Jep and Dep and 60s acts like Simon & Garfunkel and Joni Mitchell and the early 70s heyday of acoustic British folk. The group is based around the heavenly voices of Steph Brett and Helena Plazza and augmented by a range of acoustic instruments, including mandolin, harp and flute, that create a wonderfully detailed backdrop.

The album was recorded over a week in a farmhouse in the granite hills of Redesdale, Victoria in the winter of 2019. Originally set to be released in January 2020, Volume V was first pushed back to make room for fundraisers for the devastating bushfires across Victoria and New South Wales. Their April launch was cancelled due to the corona-virus pandemic and when Melbourne went into its second lockdown the band made the decision to move ahead with an online launch.

“A lot has happened in Australia, and the world, since we wrote and recorded these songs a year ago” said Plazza. “However, the themes are still relevant. Volume V is about emerging from a period of mourning. We wanted to capture the first moment of recovery after a major loss”.

The group are celebrating the launch of the album and single/video with a Facebook Live performance from 8pm tonight, Oct 2nd.

Steph Brett – Vocals, Nylon String Guitar
Helena Plazza – Vocals, Celtic Harp, Flute
Stephen E. Stanisic – Mandolin, Autoharp, Piano Accordion, Guitar (2)
David Bramble – Double Bass


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