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NEW MUSIC: Cuchulain – Been There

There’s a Leonard Cohen cadence and observational wit at play, filtered through Cuchulain‘s voice that recalls Evan Dando of The Lemonheads. It’s a clever and lyrically impressive track that rolls along perfectly like a Randy Newman lost gem. ‘Been There’ comes from the San Francisco Bay Area-based songwriter’s forthcoming album Songs For Grownups.

“For a while, I thought about calling this song “Ode to the Down & Out Millennial.” I wrote it at 3am in a plane stuck on the tarmac in Las Vegas, grounded by winter storms. I was flying home to California from DC, where a friend of mine had gone through a seismic breakup & lamented how he often stayed up way too late, “bored & crusing Tinder.” Something about that bizarre limbo state of being stuck between night & day, east & west, dreams & waking life, childhood & adulthood, pulled this song out of me. It’s the 1st tune off my new album, Songs for Grownups, and it’s the song that most people ask me about after shows (or at least they used to before corona).”


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