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NEW MUSIC: John John Brown – Where The Good Buzz Goes

Last year we posted John John Brown‘s song ‘On Black Friday I Met Jesus‘ which really impressed us both musically and poetically. That song, along with this new one ‘Where The Good Buzz Goes’ both come from his new album Americana Comics, out now on streaming services.

John Prine is a clear influence in the way Brown rolls astute observations and a humorous slant into his lyrics. Minimal instrumentation gives the song plenty of room to breathe and a wonderfully understated feel.

“I wrote “Where the Good Buzz Goes” after striking up a conversation with a Vietnam veteran on a bike trail a few years ago when I was living in Central Florida. He told me a bit of his story on a muggy summer afternoon while he was brown bagging a beer on a bench. I listened to his story, and I wished him all the best.”


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