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NEW MUSIC: Harvey Russell – Gave You Flowers

Harvey Russell’s latest single ‘Gave You Flowers’ rounds out the highly successful campaign for his 2019 country music album Liquid Damage.

‘Gave You Flowers’ kicks along with a honky tonk twang and country rock swagger as he details the well-intentioned but ultimately failed efforts of making up for bad behaviour. Russell’s band The Widowmakers provide the requisite quick-footed, toe-tapping swing and groove to this fourth single from Liquid Damage, while producer and multiple-instrumentalist Michael Carpenter adds backing vocals and piano to the super-catchy slice of Australian Americana.

The video clip, by Michael Carpenter (Love Hz Studios) plays on the line “It’s hard to get good help…” as Harvey gets increasingly frustrated as it becomes clear he’s been stood up for band practice. Meanwhile, without a care in the world, The Widowmakers wander the town, generally getting up to no good before eventually joining their none-to-impressed band leader to close out the song.”


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