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NEW MUSIC: Nick Watt – Chimes in the Wind

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Watt released his new album a few weeks ago and one of its highlights is ‘Chimes in the Wind’, a Cohen-esque folk ballad that won us over with metronomic and percussive finger-picking, warm bass notes and his austere and rich vocal intonations that add the requisite drama and forlorn mood to the tale of missing one’s loved one.

“I wrote Chimes in the Wind in 2019 after falling in love with the sound my Stratocaster was making going through a new amp I’d just bought. The tone and reverb were perfect dressing for my fingerpicking style. The melody came quickly and the lyrics came more slowly but eventually fell into line. My girlfriend was out of town and I found myself feeling lost in life. I think the song captures that feeling well.”

Watt’s album Don’t Blame The Mirror is out now via Bandcamp and streaming services.


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