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Mike Etten releases his new psych-folk single ‘Saints’

The New York songwriter Mike Etten has released his new single ‘Saints’, taken from his forthcoming new LP Love Wash, October 1st. We’re really impressed with the sound on this, the way he blends a dreamy, rhythmic psych-folk sound with added synths etc.

Earlier this month he also released the video clip for the song ‘Drive‘.

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“‘Saints‘ was written early one morning in a bit of a blur, strumming a chord progression in 3/4 time and singing a melody and words that wrote themselves pretty quickly. I built up the arrangement around the guitar and vocal, first adding drums and then synths that play a weaving counter line. Francesca Caruso added a vocal harmony and Adam Markiewicz (LEYA) layered a violin part based on a melody I sang to him, recorded at his home studio in Ridgewood. The bridge goes into a more ecstatic heavy waltz, it comes back around for a final verse, and feels like by the end of this one I’ve communed a little with myself, people from my past, and maybe a spirit or two from some other life.

On the video Mike says, “I wanted that warm glow of VHS so I picked up a Panasonic camcorder and armed with a bunch of blank tapes, freshly painted nails and a bag of thrift clothes we drove up to Mystic, CT, where we sought out old northeast haunted vibes — fields, stranded boats, any streams and flowers we could find, and an old cemetery. Francesca Caruso, who sings harmony on the track, is featured, as well as Gabriela Valero Arias, who shot most of the footage.


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