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Check out the video for the new single from Matt Joe Gow – Go Ahead, Celebrate

Melbourne-based New Zealand songwriter Matt Joe Gow has released a brand new single ‘Go Ahead, Celebrate’, bringing a ray of optimistic sunshine to this shitshow of a year, a clarion country call to celebrate… like we used to. Gow nails the requisite uplifting mood and yearning for good times that a song title like that requires, bringing to mind the Americana melodicism of John Mellencamp and the loose, soulful country reverie of Black Crowes.

“‘Go Ahead, Celebrate’ was written in late 2019. My band was riding high, having won the Music Victoria Award for best Country Album, we were being invited to play some amazing festivals and shows, and were preparing to record the new album. We were feeling good, and after the highs and lows of the previous three albums, this song was about taking stock of what you have and celebrating the moment.”

“The song and the new album will be the third album to be produced by myself and long time guitarist Andrew Pollock, and I feel the song sentiment still rings true. Perhaps even more so today in the face of what appears to be a completely changed landscape for myself and much of society as whole. Now, more than ever, I feel we need to celebrate the little things, the moments together, the wins.”

“Like a jewel in a crown, young girl shine like midday sun”.

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