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NEW MUSIC: Rachel Fannan & Jacob Miller – Sacred Regard

Here’s a beautifully low key duet between Rachel Fannan and Jacob Miller. Half-strummed guitar strings ring out as the duo sing a world weary ode to a missed connection and a romantic “could-have-been”. The song reminds me of M. Ward; a late-night folk sound, warbly and worn, like a lost, sweet and ramshackle standard.

“Sometimes I come up with what I should have said at the moment months later when I’m writing a song about the person or situation,” says Fannan while speaking about her inspiration behind the song. “‘Sacred Regard’ is that look that falls over your face when the other persons not looking, and you’re just tripping out on how beautiful they are.” Miller also finds a sense of nostalgia in the single, one that he believes is relatable to a lot of people. “Between the vocal harmonies, verb-ed out guitar textures, and lost-love themes, this song holds true to elements of songwriting and storytelling that are hard to find in the modern-day,” says Miller.

Best known as the lead vocalist of the band Only You, and formerly as co-lead vocalist of San Francisco psych-rockers Sleepy Sun, Fannan has also collaborated with UNKLE, progressive rock band Anywhere, and Canadian rock band Black Mountain. In addition to fronting Only You, Fannan also currently drums for the Russian feminist protest punk rock group Pussy Riot. Miller is known as a featured performer on NBC’s The Voice (working with Nick Jonas and James Taylor) has toured internationally and found much success with his minimalist-pop-meets-americana-folk sound.


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