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NEW MUSIC: Robert Connely Farr – Going Away To Leave You

Dirty, raw, dragged through the dirt and spirited like a life well lived. That’s the sound of this rough and rugged cover of Bentonia Bluesman Jimmy “Duck” Holmes’ ‘Going Away To Leave You’, by Robert Connely Farr.

It’s all in the tension and stormy mood of those six strings and Robert’s gruff vocal on this cut from his latest album Ain’t It Enough. I encourage you to check out the full album. There are tough and tender country and blues tunes that’ll burn a fuse straight to your world weary heart. It’s pure music, honest and unflinching as it details Robert’s battle with cancer, the bruises of romance and more, all delivered with a cutting turn of phrase. The way Robert can conjure a vivid scene with just a guitar, that voice and evocative poetic vignettes is captivating to say the least.

His album was recorded with an acoustic guitar in Vancouver BC (where the Mississippi-born musician is based) – at Hipposonic Studios – the old Little Mountain Sound Studio – where some of rocks best records were made by bands like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi & AC/DC. 

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