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NEW MUSIC: Huck Hayden – Fire Ball

I’m loving the world weary vocal on this slice of melodic country rock by Nashville-based Huck Hayden. There’s Petty in there, a dash of Berman-esque indie rock, the country-leaning side of J. Mascis and the heavier, electrified folk-rock of Neil Young. The push and pull tension between the vocal and the blistered guitar sound on ‘Fire Ball‘ is what caught my ear on this one.

 “It’s about accepting uncertainty and how ephemeral our lives are,” Hayden says. “I recorded it after finding out my best friend was really sick, and things were feeling dark with covid still around and our country sort of ripping at the seams. I was looking back at my life so far and realizing neither me or anyone else is always just one fixed thing.” 

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