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If you like the lush country soul sounds of Courtney Marie Andrews, Katie Brianna, Not Good With Horses or The Delines then Meredith Lazowski is definitely one to check out. Last month the Toronto alt-country artist released ‘Other Way Home‘, the second single and title track from her forthcoming album (out June 17th, 2022). 

Lazowski takes a deep and intimate look at moving away from a relationship on the song. The rhythm section hangs heavy in the air while Tom Julhas’ bluesy guitar wanders and adds colour above the rich organ playing of Kelsey McNulty (Great Lake Swimmers). The space and spare arrangement is the key here, allowing the listener to hang on Lazowski’s wonderful voice.

“From the early phases of this song, I wanted to have a feeling of strength and power.” Lazowski explains, “The lyrics came shortly after and were inspired by the guitar feeling of motion and movement, almost the rhythm of walking. At this time I wanted to express a feeling of empowerment to make the sometimes difficult decision of if certain people still fit in your life. This was a time when I was starting to take charge and decide who was important to me and who was worth investing more of my time for. 

—- Visually, I see myself and that person walking in the middle of the road and that other person possibly taking another route because they no longer fit along the life path I am taking. The song has a walking momentum, symbolized on the album’s cover with the inverted or meandering map, symbolizing the ebb and flow of relationships lost and found in our life’s journey.”  

Other Way Home is a collection of songs written in response to her life experiences from the east and west coasts of Canada and performed in homes, around the campfires, and on stages in southwestern Ontario. Meredith began her music journey with formal piano lessons, then taught herself guitar during her teens. Inspired by the souls of Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Neko Case, Norah Jones, and classic country sounds, Meredith began to compose and sing her songs, playing on local stages, at schools, and at universities.


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