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There’s a pastoral elegance to ‘In The Doorway‘, the new single from Lucy Roleff & Lehmann B. Smith and the first taste of their collaborative full-length album Dark Green which will be released June 16th via the Youngbloods label. There’s a certain element of delicate yet self-assured, wistful poise that permeates the song as it’s carried along on the autumnal breeze of fingerpicked guitar and the auxiliary instrumentation of Smith that adds a baroque Grizzly Bear quality to Roleff’s rich Joni Mitchell melancholy.

Lucy Roleff states “I wrote this song years ago, and it was originally a funny little demo that I recorded while house sitting for some composer friends who have an extensive instrument collection. I knew I wanted to flesh out the song some more and Lehmann really brought the extra thing it needed on bass, and by generally keeping me on track.”
“The song is essentially about those moments when one is reflecting upon a time of romantic intensity, when you’re looking over what happened and what came to be. There’s a sense that things were left up in the air somewhat, so that one goes on to sort of replay conversations and moments, looking over the time that’s passed and wondering what the other would make of the current day, the season, the light.”

Roleff is a Melbourne-based classically trained folk musician and painter and Smith is a QLD musician, based in Melbourne since 2006, who has worked with a number of bands including  Totally Mild, Laura Jean, Pikelet, Grand Salvo and Kes Band.


  1. Offering
  2. Warning
  3. Linen in the Sun
  4. Crooked
  5. Walls Were Red
  6. Wild Violet
  7. In The Doorway
  8. Not For Long
  9. 9. Go On

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