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Tex Perkins & The Fat Rubber Band are proud to reveal single number two from their forthcoming album Other World with the hypnotic and languid groove of ‘(I Wanna Be) Close To You‘. It’s a song that slinks into the room with a sultry swing and swagger, a wink and a beckoning finger. Tex describes it as “pop, rock and the blues in a fully consensual threesome” and there’s no denying the magic conjured up by Matt Walker’s world-class slide playing and Tex and Matt’s distinctive vocal harmonies. “A celebratory declaration of loving lustful intent and is as catchy as Covid,” says Tex with a grin. “Fresh flesh for the feast. Enjoy!”

Possessing the qualities of both a late-night shakedown and a lazy morning recovery, there’s a sensual, rock ’n’ roll seduction in full swing, and in contrast to the first single it’s an exciting preview of the range and soulful diversity of the new album. “I think what you heard on the first album was the band being formed. There is a certain maturity that we now possess where ideas can be realised and take form very quickly. We’ve become a real band.”

 Other World will be released February 10 2023 via Source Music. 

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